G'day Steve,

Just emailing to let you know I completed flight screening a few weeks ago and have been recommended for pilot. I have also been offered air traffic control with Airservices, so have to decide which one to take. Difficult choice, but not a bad position to be in though! Zac and Logan were also on flight screening a week after me and I believe Charles is off to the Army in a few weeks time to commence pilots course. Pretty good strike rate so far from just our Aero-Mathematics course!

Thanks again for getting us through the course, has really made a big difference to our careers.

— Rolf

….I dropped Aviation Degree altogether after week 3 just in time to avoid any fees.... but I didn't leave Uni altogether I transferred to the School of Psychology.

The great thing about all of this is that through your course I discovered that what I really wanted to do was study Psychological Science at University, I believe had I not met you and begun the journey into higher education I might have missed out on the opportunity. Now I am currently mid way through the undergrad part, with grades in the 85 to 90% area in all my courses. Later on I suppose the usual trajectory is to take on a masters or a PhD.... but that is years away, lately I have learned just how one lives "in the moment" you know, focus on what is relevant at the present time. This has allowed me to really achieve, with pure balance.

— Lucien, July, 2012

I did my Specific Pilot Testing yesterday and passed!! The lady wouldn't tell me what band I achieved, but said that I did really well in the maths and dials component of testing.

It was all about speed and accuracy like you had taught. All of your techniques and tips paid off and I would like to thank you once again.'

The mathematics course was better than I could have hoped for, I never though you could have had some much fun doing maths. You are an amazing and passionate teacher and your enthusiasm for maths seems to be contagious and I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs it. I am confident that everyone else on my course feels the same.

— Zac, October 2011

Dear Steve,

When I commenced the Aeronautical Mathematics course I had not attempted any significant Mathematics since Year 11, which was well over 7 years ago. I had always had a touch of fear and trepidation for the subject but from the very outset of Steve's classes, his enthusiasm and professionalism provided a welcome relief and learning environment for those who wish to pursue a career in Aviation but don't yet have the necessary educational requirements.

Now after pre-course preparation and completion of the assessments and exams, I feel extremely confident and well equipped to apply for Airline jobs and build upon the foundations this course has provided. Steve's eagerness to see his students not only pass but excel, is exemplified in his commitment and willingness to thoroughly talk through problems and deficiencies and provide professional tuition.

I highly recommend this course for Pilots and know that you will get so much out of it, just as Steve gets the best out of you.

— Tim G, 2012

Hi Steve,

I hope the new year found you well. I did complete my aircrew testing two weeks ago. I was very successful with testing as i ticked the ACO, ATC and of course Pilot boxes. When compared with others that i tested with i was miles ahead. I really do believe your course was a massive help. So again thank you very much…………

Thanks Mate

— Ryan, School Teacher (January 2012)

Thanks for that Steve. I actually sat that testing myself last week and managed to pass; will have my Assessment Day in a week two hopefully. I have to say, your maths tests were brilliant preparation for the Pilot Testing. The quick mental maths test was quite achievable after having practised all your tests until I felt comfortable with them all. The S/D/T and fuel calc test was all typed answers, I'm not sure how they are marked as some of the answers I gave were only close approximations, but I did get to the end of both it and the initial maths test which was good. The coordination testing was bloody gruelling! I did a lot of remote control helicopter flying to get my dual stick control up to scratch leading up to the testing and I honestly don't think it helped a dime - it was like nothing I've ever done before. I got to "lag condition 5" of the weird memory test before smoke started coming out of my ears... Presumably I did okay on the whole considering I passed it all, but I would love to see my results!

I've been spending the last week or two learning every intricate detail about all the aspects I expect to be questioned on at the interview stage, fingers crossed that goes well along with the psych and medical and hopefully I may get a shot at flight screening.

Thanks again for all the maths help, I've no doubt that I would have struggled through that testing without it!

— Tom, Helicopter Pilot (February 2012)

Dear Steve,

I thank you once again for your help with the stage one assessment.

I am happy to report that I was actually successful in getting through to the second stage.

The preparation and work that I did with you for the numerical reasoning section obviously paid off.

As I discussed with you I had only completed approximately 50% of that section but I must of got nearly all of those completed correct.

I am still interested in coming up again to do one of your courses as I occasionally do work as an instructor and I consider it to be beneficial for my training.

— Nico

I attended Steve's Aeronautical Mathematics course to assist in my application to the Australian Defence Force. I had been told previously that my school results for mathematics would prevent my application from being taken seriously. Since completing Steve's course I have been selected for Flight Screening in Tamworth, and I know that I owe a large part of my success so far in my application to Steve's course.

I found the course extremely interesting and refreshing.

I had completed my Commercial Pilots Licence and Instructors Rating prior to attending the Aeronautical Mathematics course. I was continuously amazed as Steve would point out simple truths in aviation that are overlooked or explained away with wild assumptions throughout a standard pilots training. It was an enlightening course.

At first what was a burden (travelling interstate) turned out to be blessing as I met students from varying states who were all in a similar situation to myself. It was probably one of the more enjoyable things I have done since finishing school. I have come away from the experience with not only a Mathematics course under my belt that is taken seriously in a number of aviation fields, but new contacts and friends as well.

— Charles, December 2011

When I commenced these courses I was working for QANTAS in the Heavy Maintenance division conducting structural repairs and modifications to Boeing 747 and 767 aircraft with minor forays into the Airbus A330. Having already a Commercial Pilot's Licence, I was looking at plugging the education gaps I had to move into airline flying. While intense, I found the courses stimulating and valuable not just for flying but for engineering also. Having always struggled with things mathematical, the courses opened my eyes as to why I had previously had such difficulty. Somehow during my early schooling I had missed and important fundamental concept to understanding and working through mathematical problems, this gap was plugged while attending these courses and problem solving became more natural and mathematical laws then made sense. By course conclusion, I achieved results which went beyond what I thought was personally possible.

In the end I never did get that airline flying job but I did manage to secure a position within QANTAS which I found personally satisfying. Having a Grade 1 fixed wing flight instructor rating with an engineering trade opened the door for me within the company to become a ground instructor on the Airbus A330. My role in this position is to train new recruits to the aircraft, from Second Officers to Captains, Airbus operating principles, performance, flight and systems management and CRM and do their initial simulator conversion. From the basics that I teach them, they then move onto the Simulator Instructors for their full flight training. For me the courses were a career investment.

— Anthony, A330 Ground Instructor QANTAS Group Flight Training (September 2008)
The maths and physics courses were great fun and certainly made up for the shortfall in my education. The pre employment prep was outstanding. During the first week at Qf they went through a rough outline of our results, and I ended up with some of the best on my course! Unbelievable! I hope all is going well. I mention your name whenever I come across anyone who needs that bit of extra help (or qualification) as I did. — Luke, Second Officer B747 (August 2008)
The mathematics and physics courses gave me the platform to further my career and studies. Steve's presentation of the topics are insightful, comprehensive and deliver a "real world" component that give the content meaning and clarity. As an aviation buff myself, I enjoyed Steve's enthusiasm toward aviation related topics and examples. — Greg A., Aerospace Engineering, Queensland University of Technology (July, 2008)
I did the Qantas mainline testing last week and got a call today indicating that I've made it through to the next stage of the process. Thanks very much for your help. I felt I definitely benefited from your course. — David, August, 2008
Hey Steve, I did your wonderful course back in May 06, and look where it got me!!!! I’m currently in the navy as a pilot, about to start my flying career at BFTS — Adrian, HMAS ALBATROSS (June, 2008)
Hi Steve, I got through stage 1. They called me the next day and told me I have stage 2 at the beginning of June! Thanks for your help; I don't think that I would have got through without doing the course. I found it quite easy with the preparation you gave me. I think the course was spot on. It seems preparation is everything. The advice you gave about taking the previous day off was excellent. I was not nervous at all! Thanks again for all your help over the last few years. — Luke, Pilot with Qantas (May, 2004)