Australian Defence Forces


              Pilot, Air Crew, Air Combat Officer,  Air Traffic Control, Officer Selection


The course is designed to aid students in their selection tests for Army, Navy, or RAAF. A major part of the entry tests are mental maths skills and other flight planning related subjects. This is the part in which most applicants do not achieve the required level. You will be tested on both speed and accuracy. You will not use a calculator in any of the tests. General officer tests are very similar. This course is designed to help you to improve your speed, accuracy and confidence in the test. Students may require personal tuition in their weaker areas. This service is provided with no extra charge.

IMPORTANT: You will be provided with after course study material and individual assistance if necessary. The average student will need 4 to 8 weeks home study to prepare properly. Personal assistance provided via email or telephone. Students who are not yet in the defence force must sit the “YOU” test, before the Pilot Aptitude Test. The material will also cover topics within the “YOU” test. If you are applying for entry into ADFA, (Australian Defence Force Academy) please contact Dr Steve Holding as further preparation study is required.

Curriculum Summary

PART 1: Mental Mathematics

  • Rounding and approximation methods for quick Mental Calculations
  • Streamlining Calculations and Conversions using Fractions Percentages and Ratios
  • Simplifying Speed, Distance, Time calculations
  • Fuel Flow and Flight Planning
  • Aircraft Intercept Scenarios

PART 2: General Test Components

  • Pattern Sequences and Number Sequences
  • Scale Reading and Instrument Reading (includes Compass A/H test)
  • Basic Trigonometry and Aeronautical Applications of Trigonometry
  • Essay Writing (this is short but some knowledge of the topics will help)
  • Memory Test
  • Multi-task test
  • Personality/Psychometric Evaluation
  • How can you prepare for Flight Screening


The Enrolment form can be downloaded here

Course Venue

Brisbane: Saint Johns College, College Rd, Saint Lucia (on University Campus)

Sydney: Courses conducted at Bankstown Airport depending on demand.

Cost/ Schedule

Please contact Dr Steven Holding for course fees and current course schedules.    mobile 042 303 7474

Course Materials

Calculator, Note Book